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MISSION STATEMENT - To empower young women and men through volleyball. Our focus is on the athlete and helping them grow emotionally and greatly improve their volleyball skill.

  • Positive Coaching - We strongly believe that athletes perform better when they are coached through a positive reinforcement model, while being held to a high standard.
  • TCV has earned more USAV bids (8) than any other club that exclusively serves the Colorado Springs market.
  • We value and respect the relationships we build through volleyball. You and your athlete will always be treated with respect. 
  • Everything other than travel costs are included in your dues. We will not come back to you for "Extra" fees at any point.
  • Recruiting Coordinator that will help guide athletes through the recruiting process.
  • 8 of 11 athletes from TCV 18 National team are playing volleyball in college.
  • Redline Athletic Training is included with dues for all National teams and all teams 15s and older. Discounts available for full memberships.
  • Weekly Skills Sessions included with dues.
  • Partnership with Falcon Physical Therapy to help manage injuries.

Team Colorado offers two divisions of teams that have distinct philosophies and purposes: Club Division and National Division.  All TCV teams provide a high level of training with a focus on competitive success. 

The National Division teams primary goal is to earn a bid to USAV Junior Nationals.  As a result the players that put the team in the best position to succeed will receive the playing time.  Playing time is 100% earned, therefore these teams are geared towards the athlete and family that wants to compete at the highest possible level while expanding their knowledge of the game. There is considerably more travel involved with a National team and a higher cost.

The Club/Local Division teams goal is to field the most competitive team possible while still providing in-game opportunities for all the athletes. The focus here is more geared towards athlete development while still striving for competitive success. While each athlete can expect a certain percentage of playing time they are not guaranteed equal playing time. As a result playing time is still earned. There may be an athlete that plays 100% of the time and another athlete that plays 20% of the time, but there will be some playing time for all athletes. These teams will generally only travel within the state, but if a team does have the opportunity to qualify for a national bid it will be discussed and decided as a team.

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